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Your Dry Delight

Your Dry Delight key visual; Richter pouring out last drop from liquor bottle


Richter and his boss, Leslie, are private detectives hired to help enforce Prohibition in Cleveland, Ohio. However, when Richter catches the eye of a charismatic mob boss, a different story falls into place...


Estimated Release Date: Summer-Fall 2018

character bios

August Richter character bio; Age: 24, Height: 5'8, Hair: Blond, Eyes: Brown; A junior detective at the Cleveland Detective Agency, Richter is calm, sharp, and strongly dedicated to justice. He also might have a tiny crush on his airheaded boss, Leslie.
Leslie Clark character bio; Age: 29, Height: 5'7, Hair: Light brown, Eyes: Blue; Dreamy, forgetful, easily distracted--not exactly your average detective, Leslie is Richter's senior partner, believe it or not. But Leslie is more shrewd than he lets on...especially when it comes to teasing Richter.
Meyer Eastman character bio; Age: 27, Height: 6'0, Hair: Dark brown, Eyes: Green; Despite his intimidating appearance, Eastman is a polite, suave man with the natural charisma of a born leader. Of course, he also happens to be involved in some...less than legal activities.