Argent Games

who are we...?

A 2-person team based in the USA, we were brought together by our shared love of game development and storytelling to form Argent Games. Creating games is our passion, and not even vacation can interrupt our work.

Blythe (Dovah) - Programmer, Designer, Writer

Blythe is a writer/programmer who dabbles in graphic design and video editing. They attempt to design coherent games but usually end up with a bunch of questionable existential nonsense.

Nikita (Gamma K)

What does Gamma do? It is unknown. Gamma did handle marketing, editing, feeding, and harassing Dovah. Gamma is also a Quack.

Check out Gallium Games, our side label for collaborative and more experimental works.

Chess of Blades title screen

talk to us

Interested in working with us? Have some ideas for games you'd like us to make? Just want to send us a message? Fill out the form below or email us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

contact [at] argentgames (dot) co