Argent Games

looking for work, we see

Find open positions and details on how to apply below! All positions listed are for contract work. Don't think your desired position matches any of the descriptions? Send us an application anyway following instructions under General.

Good grasp of English required, as that is our language of communication.

Must be able to accept Paypal payment method.

Need to fulfill an internship credit for your major? We are a registered LLC in the USA and are certainly open to discussion! Just pop a message over with your inquiry.

We are indeed looking to hire some writers so that we can expand our project roster!


  • over 18 years old
  • comfortable with the BxB genre
  • able to spin a story given an outline
  • passionate and excited about creative storytelling
  • excellent communication skills and use or be willing to learn how to use Discord
  • able to meet deadlines
  • fluent in English
  • self-motivated and independent
  • able to accept Paypal payments

How to apply

Submit all material to with subject line "Writer job application". Include in your application the following:

  • writing samples of completed stories (visual novel/interactive fiction style preferred but not required) of length 40,000+ words
  • time zone
  • approximate number of words that can be written in a week
  • description of work style (daily steady pace, require weekly accountability deadlines, etc.)
  • genres most comfortable writing and/or excited to conduct research and write
  • your rates
  • why you want to work with us / favorite visual novel / why you like VNs
  • anything else you think is important for us to know!

Open call for artists

Looking to commission 1-2 illustrations (CGs) and 1-2 backgrounds every month from a variety of artists and styles.

Submit portfolios and rates to with subject line: Portfolio submission for open call [CG/BG/CG&BG] (choose one)

Please include themes you're okay or uncomfortable with and the average time to finish a piece.

We are interested in all styles!

Not interested in the above open call but still want to work with us in some capacity? Simply follow submission guidelines under General, and use email subject line: "[(CG/Sprite/Background) Artist] job application."

We usually contract artists and musicians for specific projects and will put public calls out on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr when the need arises.
However, feel free to submit portfolios and demo reels for us to keep on file as well as respond to the calls. We'll contact you if we think your work is a good fit!

Simply follow submission guidelines under General, and use email subject line: "[(CG/Sprite/Background) Artist/Musician/Voice actor] job application."

Don't see the job opening of your dreams? Send us a job inquiry anyway -- who knows, maybe you're the person we never knew we needed. Do your best to sell us your skillset!
Just message with subject line "General job application." Some items that may be good to include:

  • why you want to work with us
  • portfolio/showreel/skills you want to show off
  • timezone
  • rates