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Pale Cachexia


In this Gothic story of deep bonds and chilling mystery, a young girl named Esther ventures deep within a forgotten forest.

There, she seeks out a potential cure for her mysterious illness: a life-leeching plague known as the Pale Cachexia.

But when Esther meets Seina, who lives all alone in a towering manor, the two girls are drawn to each other in a tale of friendship, sorrow, and bitter loneliness.

Their story is shadowed by the dark secrets of the manor and its cemetery, which haunts Esther even in her deepest dreams.

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character bios

Esther. A quiet, reserved girl from the city. She suffers from a disease known as Pale Cachexia. It drains her oof energy, putting her in a constantly lethargic state. Thoough she speaks little and prefers to follow rather than lead, Esther can be remarkably stubborn, especially when she's set her mind on something she wants to do.
Seina. Bright, optimistic, and always full of curiosity, Seina is a sprightly soul with a gentle heart. Due to her many years of solitude and independence, she possesses much more maturity and insight than most other girls her age. Years of hard work have made Seina far stronger than she appears at first glance. Despite her youth, she is more than capable of surviving alone.
Isaiah. A mysterious man whose tale is told in the past.


CG of Esther in the afternoon forest. Narrator: Spring always made her symptoms worse, somehow.
Esther and Seina in the garden in the morning. Seina: Oh, that's a silly thing to say.
Isaiah outside at night. Isaiah: Shouting at him so rashly, then running off into the middle of the night. What was she thinking?
NVL mode, Seina at left and Esther at right. Seina: Are you looking at the mausoleum? It's locked, I'm afraid. I've looked all over the manor and the grounds, but...I don't think I'll ever find the key. Papa must have lost it.
Close up of Esther in the night time bedroom. Narrator: A crushing sense of guilt sank down in her stomach.
Isaiah in the study. Isaiah: Poor, unlucky child.