Argent Games

Red Embrace: Hollywood


1996--Los Angeles, CA. As a newly created vampire, can you survive in the dark, dangerous underworld of Hollywood?

Customize your character's appearance, play as female, male, or nonbinary, choose a Vampire House, and pick one of three companions to join your story in this gothic visual novel.

Will you side with LA's vampire ruler, join the rebellion, seize power for yourself...or something else entirely? The choice is yours.

Remember, You can be anything--because you're already dead.

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character bios

Markus. House: Golgotha. Allegiance: ???. Residence: His shop. Playful yet threatening, casual yet grim, relaxed yet commanding--Markus is a man full of contradictions. He's known for his dark humor and insight, always ready to offer a morbidly cynical remark. Markus' words are accented with a Southern-pastor drawl, and he delivers his speech like a cryptic doomsday sermon.
Heath. House: Iscari. Allegiance: LA Iscari. Residence: HH Hotel. Gntle, romantic, and poetic, Heath has all the wistful glamor of a once-famous, now-forgotten movie star. There always seems to be a distance daydream in his eyes. Despite his sweet demeanor, there's a certain coy charm in all of his actions--from the slight, seductive tilt of his head to his low, breathy voice.
Randal. House: Mavvar. Allegiance: Mavvar Rebels. Residence: Beach house. 'Revolutionary'--no other word suits Randal better. Fierce, blunt, and rebellious, he'll fight against anything he deems oppressive and rallies others to do the same. With his towering height and booming voice, it's easy to imagine Randal on a podium, ranting before a screaming, frenzied audience.


House Iscari: The Martyrs. Attributes: (Positive) Charming, charismatic, often strong leaders, skilled at manipulation; (Negative) Yearn for their humanity, perfectionists, easily addicted to vices. Dazzling creatures of the night, Iscari vampires are as beautiful as they are damned. Often artists, politicians, or actors in life, they keep their dreams and passions in undeath. Yet this humanity is a double-edged sword. Unlike the other, more detached Houses, the Iscari are driven to chase their old human desires--whether for love, excitement, or power.
House Mavvar: The Evolved. Attributes: (Positive) High strength and speed, enhanced senses, strong House loyalty; (Negative) Impulsive, hot-tempered, often violent, intense need to 'belong'. Beasts as much as humans, the fiery Mavvar have physical gifts beyond imagination. Bonded by their feral vampiric natures, they often form diverse, tightly-knit 'clans.' However, this primal mindset can also be their undoing. A Mavvar without clan or cause is eaten away by loneliness. But even within a clan, mob mentality can make them destructive.
House Golgotha: The Unmakers. Attributes: (Positive) Wise, highly perceptive, strange psychic powers, prophetic visions; (Negative) Prone to seeing too much, feared by other Houses, eccentric, tormented. No one truly understands the Golgotha, not even themselves. With unnatural wisdom and intuition, these vampires often see what others cannot--the secrets of the present and future. But as their insight strips away the world's comforting veil, many Golgotha become warped, haunted by both reality and their own visions.


MC Customization screen
Markus speaking to you
Heath speaking to you
Hollywood Heights Hotel
Custom MC being bitten by a vampire
Handing Randal his knife in the garage
Talking to Saorise