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Red Embrace: Mezzanine


December 29th, 1996—Miami, FL.

At the bottom of a downward spiral, Beth has nowhere else to go.

Then, she meets a lonely stranger on the rooftop—a man who can unravel her deepest thoughts.

When he offers her a chance at a new beginning in another, darker world, Beth finds herself faced with a decision. Will she try to remake her life and fix her mistakes, or will she throw everything away for a new existence?

Her ultimate fate is up to you.

Red Embrace: Mezzanine is a short, free visual novel/point-and-click game set in the vampire-themed Red Embrace universe.

It is a prologue for a larger Red Embrace game that has yet to be announced. While the new game's setting/characters will be different, the storyline is hinted at in Red Embrace: Mezzanine.

Previous Red Embrace titles include the original game (a BxB visual novel) and Red Embrace: Hollywood (any gender MC, a long VN with many endings).

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Beth with her hands covering her face, in the point and click interface
A silhouette on the balcony.
Beth looking through her purse.